01 January 2006

Ummm...has anyone seen my baking tins?


I'm serious.

I wanted to bake a cake yesterday and the only one I could find was my quiche pan. All my springforms and metal pans have disappeared. I can only assume the cats have started their own bakery to keep them in enough cash so they can get the "good cat food" (read: people food).

Wound up running out in not fun weather to buy a couple of nine-inch tins and the only pair I could find were silicone ones...I figured since I've been hearing about them from friends, colleagues and magazines I'd try them out.

Ew. Absolutely hate them. The cakes looked weird and broke when I tried to unmould them. The only positive things I can say about them are: they are a pretty-ish blue, I can fold them up and they will soon be out of the country (gave them to my parents to take to India, in case they want to make cakes in their microwave).

Tomorrow's to do list: buy new pans...make sure said pans are made from metal instead of silicone.





Anonymous said...

Hey Jasmine!

Hahahahaha! The cats starting their own bakery. Too funny!

I bought a 3-pc. Springform set a couple of months ago and I love 'em. Well, I've only used the middle pan once, actually, but I got great results with it. Unlike you, I'm just beginning to get into baking. As a matter of fact, this past Saturday I bought this huge cookbook (Simply Baking) that has literally hundreds of absolutely fabulous recipes with gorgeous photos of every recipe. Almost all of them are off-the-hook and I'm thinking of trying out a couple very soon. Perhaps this weekend.

I wish I was going to India, too!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... So what happened to your pans? LOL! Interesting experience with the silicone pans... I think I'll leave them alone if I ever come across them.

Your parents going to India? Cool!