18 January 2006

Please answer me this

If I didn't know Beanie, I'd almost believe that he was starving.

He chases the other cats away from the wet food and he screams when someone's in the kitchen and he screams when chicken is brought in the house...same with turkey...and beef...and lamb...and pork...and bacon...and oatmeal...and McDonald's fries... He starts lobbying to be fed at two in the afternoon (they have dry food all day long, but the tinned stuff is opened at six in the evening).

If I feed him and then the exbf shows up, he does his best "I've not been fed yet" whine and sometimes the dear man believes him and feeds him again (the cats don't come out for The Fussy Eater...and if they did, TFE wouldn't feed them).

When the tinned stuff is glopped into the dish, Beanie's literally dancing and jumping for it...he'll also bonk his head on the wall so hard that he shakes it afterwards (you can actually see the little Tweety birds flying around his head). After the bowl is put down, and I'm off doing something else, he will pull mats or sheets of plastic or Kleenex over the dish so as to "hide" it from the others, so they won't know there's wet food to be had. I'm serious. Really. I'm serious.

But this is something new...

I noticed that the bowl was totally clean, apart from a few specks of meat. Fine. They're eating--Hagia has stopped sulking and Zeus probably is able to get some meat. I was *almost* considering feeding them more wet food and then...I stepped in it..

No...not in the bowl.

No...not kittybarf.

No...not a "present."

I stepped in a Beanie-mouthful-sized-ball of wet food...that was cleverly hidden away from the bowl.

The cat is hiding mouthfuls of tinned food around the place.

Is he saving then for later? Has he decided that he'd rather use them as balls than food? Is protesting against me re-organizing things so he can't cover the dish?

So here's my question: Does this look like a cat that needs to worry about where his next meal is coming from?

And yes, that is the cardboard carton for 12 1.5L bottles of water...and yes...he is spilling over...and yes, the sides are bowed...and before you ask, he weighs 25 lbs.



Anonymous said...

Cute Cat. Despite looks, one of my dogs acts like she's never fed, like she's never eaten a decent meal in her life. If we didn'd know better, we'd believe her.


Anonymous said...

Very cute (and big) cat .... reminds me of my long ago cat, Otis. I think all pets try to manipulate us for food - some are just more creative than others.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he thinks he's a squirrel. Loved the story.