15 January 2017

A Day That Really Schmecks 2017

Onion BhajiHappy New Year!

Regular readers know that my culinary New Year doesn't being on 1 January.  The counters and fridge groan with the the old year: Christmas cookies and cakes from gatherings, dregs of turkey soup (and other reformulations of holiday meals), uneaten nibbles from New Year's Eve.

No, for me the new culinary year starts after the indulging ends, and life returns to normal, and I can think about what I want to do in the kitchen (and write about either here or on Rye and Ginger).

And it all starts of with 15 January, aka A Day That Really Schmecks.  It's hard to believe I created that event 10 years ago, to celebrate my friend Edna Staebler.

This year, I thought back to our first dinner together and who she was: adventuresome, inquisitive, welcoming.  Those thoughts spurred me to launch a new series on Rye and Ginger...and make some onion bhajis.

You can read about how my first dinner with Edna led to creating the A Region That Really Schmecks series on Rye and Ginger.

I'm a quill for hire!