Review Policy and Guidelines

Please note, the following applies to my various web properties including Confessions of a Cardamom Addict.

What will be considered

This site is all about me and my ever-evolving relationship with food. As such, I will only consider reviewing food-related products and services. The following is a sample of what I'll look at, but if your client/product isn't listed, but is food-related, please contact me.
  • Beverages and Foods (preference given to artisinal goods and items made by smaller manufacturers; items made with artificial sugars and sweeteners (including sorbitol) or fortified with fish-based Omega-3 nutrients cannot be considered)
  • Books (Cookery books, biographies, histories, travel)
  • Equipment and Tools (cookware, appliances, tools)
  • Restaurant Reviews (preference given to independents and non-chain/franchised outlets)

Review Policy

  • Products must be easily available in Canada, either through retail outlets or a Canadian-based distributor (please let me know how Canadians can get your product).
  • Products only available through e-retailers or online purchase will not be considered.

If a product is sent to me
  • there is no expectation of a post or review on any site, publication or project with which I'm affiliated;
  • if for whatever reason I cannot use your product, I am not expected to return it;
  • embargos must be clearly advised in advance of sending the product, and
  • the product is given to me "free and clear," without any actions required on my part and is mine to do with as I please.
Any review produced

  • will be based on my/our actual experience with your product (positive or negative);
  • will not be submitted to you or your company for approval;
  • does not grant you or your company any claim to advertising or any other sort of "presence" on any of my sites;
  • I reserve the right to inform my readers that the product was sent to me, so they may judge the article's legitimacy, and
  • my permission must be granted prior to your reproducing (online, print, etc) any review or other article I have written
How to pitch me
  • Any pitches for Cardamom Addict or any food site or publication I'm associated with should be sent to my cardamomaddict email address. 
  • If food-related pitches are sent to any of my other accounts (work, personal, LinkedIn &c), you agree that you wish to engage me as a PR or social media consultant and will respond appropriately.