06 January 2006

Changing tradition...sort of

Today is 6 January, and for those who follow, it is Epiphany--the day the three wisemen from the East visited the Baby in a manger.

As with other religious observances, there are specific foods that are served. In this case, spicy foods and cakes are made and eaten; the spices represent gifts from the East. Some people also bake a cake, decorating it with yellow icing and adorning it with candied fruit making it reminiscent of a bejewelled golden crown.

Last night I was cruising around some of my favourite foodish blogs and found
these on The Candied Quince. Aren't they absolutely beautiful? I think Tania did a great job with them. If you are thinking of marking today-and don't feel like baking a cake or a curry--think about making (and eating!) some of these gems.

Photocredit: Tania/The Candied Quince




Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!


jasmine said...

Hi Paz

I've got a couple of rings that kinda sorta look like them...so of course, all I can think of is jewellery...