14 January 2006

Another meme: Too much information

Paul at Kipblog just tagged me for this one.
Ten interesting things about me that people may or may not know...but then interesting is in the eye of the reader...
  1. I died my hair plum to match my formal gown (high school prom dress).
  2. Many moons ago I had the direct telephone numbers for a former UN Secretary General and a former Canadian PM.
  3. In secondary school, I submitted a letter to our local paper questioning the Director of Education's spending (a year later the police charged him (essentially misappropriation of funds), the court found him guilty but didn't commit him to jail time because he got a spiffy new job out of the country...where he was also charged with the exact same thing).
  4. I'm allergic to salmon and rum.
  5. My hair used to be almost down to my ankles.
  6. I hate the sound of whistling.
  7. I have an Art History degree.
  8. I have taken lessons in the following instruments: flute, harp, piano, violin and voice, but I cannot sight-sing to save my life even though I could sight-read for the other instruments.
  9. I'm the reason why James Nicoll's blog has its title.
  10. At one point or another I could speak five languages.
Okay...as for tagging others--I'll pick two because I know they like these...I have no idea if they've done this one yet.

Rorie at Milk and Honey
Jaay at Culinarily Obsessed

This will probably be my last meme for a while...and I'll likely stick to foodish ones in future.


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