03 January 2006

Silicon pan update

Well...my parents decided that they didn't have enough room to pack the pans (what! they pack flat and it's not that much room...wait...they saw the cake...and they know what my cakes normally look like)...but the exbf is willing to buy them off of me. Not as good as knowing they're on another continent, but at least I'll get my money back and they'll be out of my sight.

Now... I know there are people who are big fans of this stuff and good for you if it works. I will say that I have tried some other silicon tools (basters etc) and I do like them. I just wrote about cake tins (are they tins if they aren't metal?) that are within my budget.

I'm sure expensive brands behave differently (read: work), but the fact is, I refuse to spend that sort of money on what is (to me) an unproven item...I don't care if a certain ex-con says "it's a good thing" or who the paid spokesperson is.


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