22 January 2006

Speak up when everyone is listening

I'll be up front with you on this one--this post is pretty much aimed at Canadians of voting age...

Tomorrow is election day.

Go vote.

It's important.



Anonymous said...

I second that motion!

jasmine said...


Now that BC and the North are online I can actually type about this.

Well...it could have been worse--much worse. Oi.

Let's see how long *this* government lasts. As one of my colleagues wondered this afternoon...how long will it be until the ultra-social-conservative MPs open their mouths...Currently it looks as if the Conservatives are going in with fewer seats than the Liberals did in the last election.

Bits I find intersting:
-It's nice to see that BC's votes will decide who has the balance of power.

-Is this the beginning of the BQ slide as they haven't been able to top their 55-seat high? Is And what does that mean for the PQ?

-Cutler didn't get Ottawa South.

- Thank goodness the person I voted for won--a very good person.

- I guess I'll have to wait until morning to see voter turnout and percentages.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a political junkie.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, just look south to see what happens when people don't vote! Yuck yuck yuck!