17 January 2006

Baby, it's slippy outside

Things you don't want to know as you are teetering to your car in the middle of freezing rain:

1. Your winter shoes (the ones with the thick rubber souls and really deep tread) have a teeny little hole on the bottom where the rubber cracked, leaving your stocking foot cold and wet.

2. The salt you thought they put down on the parking deck is non-existent (or at least is safely encased in ice)

3. Because you were running late this morning you didn't get a parking spot in the covered deck...which means you have four or five hours of ice accumulation has coated your car in a thick-enough sheet of ice that you need to spend about 15 minutes chipping out your car.

4. Because you were running late this morning you didn't get a chance to put a precautionary layer of salt on the steps or driveway, which means both areas are as as slick as a rink.


Freezing rain. I hate it, but I can't do anything about it. I'm safe now...laundry is in its final rinse, supper is finished and all that's left is dessert before starting on homework. Tonight it's spiked hot cocoa. No special recipe--Godiva's dark truffle cocoa made with milk and a four-count of Bailey's Irish Cream...mmm chocolate and Bailey's...so comforting and yummy.

I guess I should have done my homework before opening the B's.

Oh well...




The Guardian said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog for about a week now and really enjoy it!

Also, I love putting ground cardamom in with the coffee grounds to brew. Lovely taste...I think I am on my way to being a Cardamom Addict myself!

Blog on!


jasmine said...

Hi Cutie

Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

I must admit that my output is abnormally high right now --I had a week off from work and was between classes...I can see me cutting back to my intended 2-3 posts in about a week or two--gosh darned it, but life does get in the way sometimes :)

Yes, cardamom in coffee is very good--glad you reminded me :)

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Mmm ... spiked hot cocoa. I tried it with tequila and Kahlua last night, and am still buzzing ...

I like the cardamom-in-the-coffee idea, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing that all the Canadian foodbloggers are doing variations on the hot chocolate theme lately .... what is it cold or something up there? In all seriousness, your spiked cocoa sounds fab!

Anonymous said...

This hot chocolate theme is great!


jasmine said...

Okay...this is weird.

I posted a reply but nothing is showing up...if something like this shows up twice, please forgive...

I didn't realize we were on the same wavelength (yes, I saw Tania's invigorated recipe--read really nicely).

Yesterday's freezing rain served as a reminder that we are in winter--it's been quite warm up here for the past few weeks--so hot chocolate was the most logical cure for the cold and the wet that went tickaticka on the windows.

Mind you it doesn't surprise me that Canuck foodbloggers are busy with hot chocolate (now or all year)--we are (I believe) the only host to all five major western chocolate manufacturers.

So...does this mean that in July we'll all be blogging our Caesar recipes (and *not* the salad) ?? :)