08 January 2006

It turned out I didn't need the song

A few days before Christmas I parodied Santa, Baby, filling verses with references to kitchenware and some pricey ingredients.

Well...it turns out that I didn't need the song. The Fussy Eater bestowed upon me lovely kitchen things--including Nigella's measuring spoons and cups and my own copy of The Silver Spoon (the shop was out of stock so my copy didn't arrive until this week).

Oh yeah, and within the gift giving and receiving frenzy was a very Audrey II-like "Feed me" vibe eminating from my darling dearest...hmmm...okay :)



Culinarily Obsessed said...

ooh I LUV the Nigella Lawson measuring cups & spoons! I've been wanting those, but just can't bring myself to buy them since I don't actually NEED them.

But they would be great as a gift =) Lucky u!!

Where did the Fussy Eater buy them..do u know?

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! I'm coveting your Nigella-ware & the Silver Spoon!

jasmine said...

Hi CO and Rorie :)

The Nigellaware was purchased through The Shopping Channel -- the prices are much nicer than list.

Here's the link:


Amazon.ca has a much better price for Silver Spoon than Chapters-Indigo (well it did in December, but in general Amazon's prices are better than Chapters). I know of some places in the States that sold out totally, so if you are looking for a copy, you might want to try .ca.


Heather said...

I just read the Cardamom is the new "in"spice. Do you have any info on it or great recipes to share. Just found your site, so I will stick around awhile.

jasmine said...

Hi Heather

Thanks for visiting.

I do have several recipes using green cardamom, which eventually will be posted on the blog, but here are some ways I use it:

--in tea: part of chaia (chai) -- you can steep it with tea, star anise, cinnamon and cloves
--sweet baking (cakes, cookies)
--a richness cutter (it's astringency balances out rich, creamy food such as rice pudding)

There are two types that I use -- green cardamom and black cardamom--their tastes are totally different and you shouldn't confuse one with the other when cooking.

The green type is probably what the "it" deciders are talking about. The meat one is kinda brown and lumpy looking and is used in beef and lamb curries.

Gernot Katzer has an amazing site if you want to understand the botany behind the spice:



I hope this helps for now--if I'm taking too long in getting more info up (I have a couple of things I'm working on which are taking up my time), please give me a shout.


Pille said...

Hi Jasmine - these are such great presents! Am rather envious, as they are all on my current wish list as well, but am yet to acquire them. Lucky you:)