16 January 2006

Feast: First dim sum of 2006

Without going all sentimental and preachy, I really believe that a meal regardless of size, grandeur or content is, on its own, a feast. I'm also quick to admit that some are more significant than others--it's all dependent upon perspective--the cook, the host, the diners, the servers--people can have very differing views on an event's importance.

That said, there is a tradition amongst a certain group of friends of mine to go out for dim sum for most holidays (usually secular, sometimes sacred). Well...for one reason or another, our New Year's Day dim sum was pushed to the 15th. 'Twas a good and lively nonet that included a five-year old and a two-year old--even The Fussy Eater made it out. one I think it's pretty safe to say by meal's end we were all sated thanks to one of our local dimsumeries.

Here are some piccies I snapped...I thought it rather odd that all images of grown-ups were blurred while most of the kids were clear.

A study in contrasts: a two year-old with chopsticks and the plate of a certain darling dearest...who is much older than two:



Anonymous said...

You piccies are making me crave Chinese! And, as January 15th was the beginning of the Orthodox New Year, you might way your group of friends actually had New Year's dim sum right on time ... :-)

jasmine said...

Hey Tania

You have no idea how much we ate. TFE had to roll me to the car.

I just received a note from the mum of the two little ones pictured above with what was essentially an "I can't believe we ate the whole thing" comment.

Didn't know that Orthodox New Year was on the 15th--I suppose it coincides with the Julian calendar?


Anonymous said...

This just makes me want dim sum even more! Love the pics!

jasmine said...

Hi Jenny

Thanks for visiting.

After reading your post on dim sum, I can thoroughly empathise.

Hope you come again :)