02 January 2007

A tail of two kitties

For those of you who wondered where some of the hard sauce went...

Hello all you luvly humman cats! Did you have a good Christmouse? I had a very good Christmouse.

You see, Gramma gave me lots of love things to eat, including turkey. I love turkey almost as much as I love roast chicken. It was so yummy, but it wasn't spicy enough for me. I like lots of ginger and black pepper on my meat. Still, beggers can't be chewsers, right?

Anyway, the best part of Christmouse was dessert. I normally don't get dessert because my humman-cat (you know her as Jasmine) doesn't like to give me dessert...or any yummy food. Only Gramma really cares for me. She cares for me so much I got a little bowl of something that looked like cream.

But it wasn't cream. It was very sweet and after a few licks I got all funny and started dancing and miaowy. All the humman-cats were laughing (well, all except for Jasmine because she was busy with something--she didn't see me). Anyway, Gramma told me this was special cream for her special pudding. She had a funny name for it--"hard sauce" It wasn't hard at all--it was soft and sweet and it tasted weird but good. It was so good that I had to go and tell my kitty friends about it. But they got scared and I went back to Gramma, but she didn't give me any more cream. The end. PS.I didn't do anything bad.

Hello. My name is Hagia--and before you ask, that's pronouced Ha-zja.

I've seen you before--usually when my little Jasmine is writing to you. I just sit here and keep her company. Sometimes I just tell her how my day went--she always listens to me and her Catonese is quite good for a human. She asked me to tell you what happened on Christmas.

Everyone was over for Christmas, but I'm shy, so I stayed in our bedroom. I was having a nice snooze under the bed when all of a sudden, I heard a big galumphing sound.

It was that big, mean, greedy bully Bean.

He doesn't like me.

He waited for me to poke my nose out from underneath the bed and he growled at me! And then he tried to pick a fight. He smelled funny and he wasn't standing straight. I don't know what made him more mean than normal. He tried to beat me up! I'll tell you right now, I growled right back and then I hit him in the nose! And you know what? He went crying to Gramma! For once she didn't believe him...

Yes, Mummy got Beanie drunk. No, I didn't know she was doing this.

Beanie is a mean drunk. I wonder if AA has a feline division.


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Anonymous said...

Jasmine, you can really crack me up! Love the cats. And I do like your mom.

Anonymous said...

So when does the 3rd feline family member get to put his two cents in?

Poor Zeus, always left for last....

(That is assuming that he actually exists. Photo's of a grey blur/shadow do not count :-) )

Anonymous said...

Well, there's always at least one troublemaker at Christmas...