31 January 2007

A Day That Really Schmecks Part Two

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a little event called A Day That Really Schmecks to honour the memory of a favourite person in my life, Edna Staebler. Thanks to Wilfrid Laurier University Press, participants received complimentary copies of the re-issue of Edna's first book, Food That Really Schmecks.

As word got out, I received notes from a couple of people who wanted to Ednafy their lives a bit. Well, of course they can participate--everyone needs some Edna in their lives--so I posted an invitation for anyone who wanted to participate. They didn't have to cook from Schmecks (they could cook from any of her books), nor did they have to cook from any of Edna's books. As long as the dish schmecked in one way, shape or form, they could enter it into the round up.

Nine people heard the call—and they all came up with great dishes.

Featherlight dumplings at Jumbo Empenadas
Brilynn made a beautiful venison stew, and then finished it off with her favourite dumplings from Edna's book.

Hurry Up Chocolate Cake and Cocoa Fudge Icing at All Things Edible
While having fun with the word “schmeck,” Quellia had a thumping good time with her contribution.

Sausage and Vegetable Bake at Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants
Jerry chose a one-pan dish that many busy people might like…if they follow his added directions.

Chocolate Chip Date Cake at The Foodnik
My word! The Foodnik’s inaugural post is not only for this event, but it happens to be one of Edna’s favourite cakes.

Book Review at The Art and Science of Food
After finding out about A Day That Really Schmecks Part One and was so intrigued by what people made, Pepy bought a copy of Edna's Baking With Yeast and wrote this review.

Pam Noonan’s Cabbage Rolls at Neuroti.ca
Nancy remembered a dish she used to make and decided to revisit it for the event--a very Waterloo County meal.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake at My Kitchen in Half Cups…Second Helping
I wasn’t able to get a hold of Tanna for Part One, but I am so happy she's here and made this lovely cake she found on The Flying Apple.

Chewy Brownies at A Blithe Palate
Cath was supposed to participate in Part One, but the postal service thought otherwise. We’re all glad that she returned to blogging with this post and these treats.

Snickerdoodles at Teh Culinary Skillz
Meaghan decided to make something that really Schmecks. After an online search, she found a recipe for these Amish Snickerdoodles.

Thanks to everyone for participating!


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Anonymous said...

Another awesome lineup!


Lis said...

Terrific job everyone! And Jasmine, I'm so sorry! I wanted to participate again but ran out of time.. I made Edna's seafoam candy and it did not turn out right at all - I was going to try again, but well.. time wasn't on my side. I am going to try again though and when I do, I'll let you know. =)

jasmine said...

Hi Paz and Lis

Thanks so much--so glad you could participate with round one!