23 January 2007

SHF #27: Chocolate by brand

Before my parents left for their annual half-year (less five days) in India, Mummy lamented over the dearth of chocolatey goodness that awaited her.

Don't get me wrong.

Chocolate exists in India and certain family members grow cacao, but luscious chocolatey treats are elusive. Sweet shops have chocolateish goodies, but thus far my darling little mummy has been disappointed.

What does a chocoholic mummy do in such a situation?

She asks her chocoholic daughter with a penchant for baking to bake a treat to go.

Well...almost...she tells her chocoholic daughter to bake another
chocolate mousse cake--one that she could pack in her suitcase.

Her chocoholic daughter with a penchant for baking strongly suggested otherwise. The cake, although delicious is heavy....very heavy…so heavy that chocoholic mummy may be unable to pack anything else for the trip. And given that mummy may need things like clothes, toiletries and perhaps a passport, she relented. Darn those airplane luggage weight restrictions.

Nigella's Chocolate Gingerbread Cake was suggested. Apparently mummy’s magic words were “chocolate,” “ginger,” “bread,” and “cake.” Who knew?

Dutiful (well, not-so-dutiful) chocoholic daughter baked the cake (sans ginger aley icing). Chocoholic mummy double-wrapped it and put it alongside the pile of things to be packed.

Unfortunately far too many things were in that pile...and the cake was left behind.

Mummy was not happy…is it cruel to say I was?

Besides…this cake qualifies for
Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate by brand, hosted by David Lebovitz.

He wants to know why we used the chocolate we did.

Hmmm…is it permissible to say that I used
Fry’s Cocoa and Callebaut Chocolate morsels because it’s what I had on-hand?

Fry’s is my standard cocoa powder. The big scary megamart doesn’t stock many brands and the others I tried just don’t taste right. My favourite gourmet shop carries
Valrhona cocoa, but I only buy that when there’s something super special happening.

This autumn I noticed that the bulk food shop carries Callebaut semi-sweet morsels. Normally I buy the blocks and chunk them up into cookies and other things, so I was quite happy to find these extrusions. I used them in some chocolate-chocolate chip cookies a couple of months ago and they were amazing—not at all waxy like other morsels.

It’s a very good and addictive cake—and I think perfect for cooler months: spicy, malty and chocolatey and studded with morsels of bittersweet goodness. I’ve been serving it (yes, I still have a wee bit left) with whipped cream or a bit of ice cream…and the occasional breakfast. Zap it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to soften the morsels.

Edit: Click here for info on SHF#28: Sweet Seduction.


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K and S said...

Looks and sounds amazing!

Lis said...

I keep seeing this as I turn pages in Feast.. I want to make it but I haven't yet - your pictures are screaming to me to get off my arse and make some! Very nice =)

Anonymous said...

oh that looks amazing :) Definitely bookmarking to try in the future :) Thanks for sharing :)

jasmine said...

Hello all

It is quite a good cake--very easy and very tasty.


Blue Plate said...

Your cake looks so wonderfully rich. You've got me craving chocolate. I might have to work my oven and bake myself a little treat this weekend.

jasmine said...

Hi Blue Plate

That's what I'm here for--condoning all things chocolatey, good and chocolatey-good :)


jasmine said...

Hi Blue Plate

That's what I'm here for--condoning all things chocolatey, good and chocolatey-good :)