15 January 2007

A Day That Really Schmecks Part II: Invitation

I organized A Day That Really Schmecks to celebrate Edna Staebler--her spirit, sense of humour, and of course her food.

As people were posting their recipes and thoughts, word started filtering through about this little project. I’ve received a couple of emails from people wondering if they could participate.

Well, of course they can participate—and so can you.

Here’s how in four easy steps:

• Prepare your favourite Edna recipe or share an Edna story. The recipes don’t have to be from Food That Really Schmecks, they can be from any of Edna’s books. In fact, if after you've read the write-ups from the other post and you feel you've a recipe that captures Edna's spirit or simple and delicious cooking, you can post that as an honorary Edna recipe.
• Publish your post by Monday, 29 January.
• If you can, please photograph your dish and include it in the post.
• Email the link and photograph to me at cardamomaddict at gmail dot com (you know…replace the “at” and the “dot” with their appropriate symbols).

I’ll post the round-up a few days later. Who knows, maybe we can make January a month that really schmecks ;)



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CookingDiva - Chef Melissa said...

I just LOVE the logo, the photo is fantastic :)

Heather said...

I am going to have to find this cookbook and check out the recipes. The ones below look realllllllly good!!