30 June 2008

While you're waiting for the round up

WHEW! That's a lot of posting...kinda takes it outta a gal...

So...while you wait for me to upload the round-up, here's an easy-peasey one-stop for the run up to Mmm...Canada: The Savoury Edition.

22 June 08:
Honibe Honey Drops (Product Review)
23 June 08:
Spiced Blueberry-Maple Syrup (Mmm...Canada: SHF submission)
24 June 08:
Ontario Lamb (Lamb Curry)
25 June 08:
Yukon Gold Potatoes (Potatoes, Cabbage and Cauliflower thing)
26 June 08: Oats (Fruit and Nut Granola)
27 June 08: Cheese (a small sampling)
28 June 08: Bacon, Ramp and Mushroom Swirls (Mmm...Canada: The Savoury Edition submission)

And yes. The astute amongst you realised that I tried to do a post for each of the food groups on Canada's food guide...Meat & Meat Products (lamb); Fruit & Veg (Potatoes...if not then the cabbage and cauliflower count); Grains (oats); Dairy (cheese) and other (honey).

Please note: I've replied to every entrant with a savoury post. If you haven't a note from me, please resend your info to me.

See you tomorrow with the event round-up.


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1 comment:

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Looking forward to it! This is a wonderful event.