22 June 2008

Product Review: Honibe honey drops

As a run-up to Mmm...Canada, this week's posts will feature Canadian foods and food products. And yes, I will strive to do a post a day. This miniseries will start with a new product developed and produced by one of our Maritime companies.

There's something very soothing about a honeyed tea. Unfortunately, runny honey is a bit sticky--anyone venturing into my kitchen after I've made tea with honey can easily spot the teeny, sticky dribble trail from the honey pot to my mug. It's slightly annoying, but a fact of my tea-making life.

Prince Edward Island's
Island Abbey Foods has come up with an alternative to traditional liquid honey, made especially for tea and coffee drinkers: The Honey Drop. Thanks to John, its inventor, I found product samples in my mailbox.

Honey Honey drops are blister packed solid honey losenges. Each drop is equal to about a teaspoon's worth of honey, and dissolves easily into hot liquid, with a bit of stirring.

What's nice about it is that it doesn't have the associated sticky, drippy, dribbly issues that runny honey has. Simple peel open the blister pack and drop it into your drink and stir.

Yes, I know you can get those teeny packs of liquid honey. Apart from the dribbles, they can squoosh if they're in the bottom of your purse, or have something heavy (like a stapler) drop on them...not that I've had that lovely experience...

And very important (to me, at least) is that it's made of pure honey--no additives, no artificial flavours. Honey Drops comes in two versions -- regular honey and honey and lemon--and yes, the lemon is pure lemon and not syntethic.

I'm going to classifiy it as a traveller's nice to have sort of thing. I'll still keep my honey jar for baking and buttery toasts, but these losenges are good to keep in your desk drawer for your 2 o'clock cuppa or if you're the type to doctor your own take-away beverages.

As an aside...
When I was exploring their website, I found that you can order not only the Honey Drops, but also various varietals of creamed and runny honey...something to look into if you want more than the standard offerings from your own bigscarymegamart.


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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

What a clever idea -- no mess, and portion control!

K and S said...

no mess, very nice! sounds yummy too.

glamah16 said...

I read about these on Peters blog a while back. I love creamed honey so would be interested in their site. I love Homey period!