24 January 2007

SHF #28: Sweet Seduction

It starts with a glance…

…or perhaps a touch.

It could be a sound…

…or a scent.

Sometimes it begins with a taste.

It entices and sometimes teases. It can be a glimpse of joys yet to come. It can be spicy, it can be hot, but most importantly (at least this time) seduction must be sweet.

My theme for February’s Sugar High Friday is Sweet Seduction.

Your mission, should you accept, is to provide a sweet that entices and lures. There are a number of ways you can approach this:

  • Something you’ve made to seduce someone

  • Something you’re planning on making to seduce someone

  • Something someone’s made to seduce you.

  • Something you wish someone would make to seduce you *

If you care to kiss and tell, we’ll gladly read your tale. Perhaps it was the sweet you made for your now sweetie of 25 years? Maybe it was something she made and you finally saw her as more than just a friend? We even want to know if it was a total and utter disaster at the time, but you can laugh about it now. Was it something a friend asked you to make on their behalf because your friend is an utter disaster in the kitchen? Is it a story of how your parents or grandparents finally noticed one another? Stories are totally optional…should you decide to share, we promise to not tell anyone.

Be as complex or a simple as you wish. Use whatever ingredients you want, as long as it’s something you can serve as a sweet course.

Here are the rules

  • This event is open to anyone who’s interested. Please publish your post onto your site by 19 February.

  • Email me your permalink and a 100 x100 pixel jpeg by 19 February. My email address is cardamomaddict at gmail dot com (replace the “at” and “dot” with their respective symbols, please). If you don’t have a picture or it’s not 100X100, I’ll put in a placeholder image—sorry, I won’t be able to resize the pictures for you. I'll have the round-up posted by 23 February.

  • If you don't have a blog, you can still participate by posting a story or reminiscence in the comments area for the Sugar High Friday post.

Thanks to Jennifer at Domestic Goddess for creating the original SHF and letting me run this one.

Let me know if you have any questions.


* And, you know, if there is someone you wish to be seduced by, you could always send them the link…if you do, you need to let us know what happens.

Update: Here's a link to the round-up: http://cardamomaddict.blogspot.com/2007/02/shf28-sweet-seduction-round-up.html

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leslie @ definitely not martha said...

Looking forward to this! Great theme. Also, I love your blog title....cardamom is magic. Have you had it in ethiopian curries yet? To DIE for....

leslie @ definitely not martha said...

And a second comment on the same day......

Consider yourself tagged....



Chocoholic said...

Oooooo, I have an idea. I should participate in my first SHF for this. I linked to your post on this http://betterwithchocolate.blogspot.com/2007/01/i-can-chew.html.

Anonymous said...

thats a very nice idea.. hopefully i'll be able to make something out :)

Unknown said...

i'm just thinking about something. i may enter this challenge.

Anonymous said...

I completely missed this announcement! Of course you know I'll be there!

Elodie said...

This is my entry, hope you'll like it !


(I'm looking for the picture 100x100, I'll send you it later)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the round up! I'm still in sugar-shock...

barbie2be said...

ACK! i don't know how i missed the deadline for this but here is my entry.


Anonymous said...

Two large chocolate-dipped cones will be enough to seduce me...Don't think that I'm so inexpensive. It's just they don't have DQ in Holland!