31 October 2006

Me all Hallowe'eny 2006

Well...The above left is the closest thing to a photo of me decked out for this year's Hallowe'en. Yes, that's a wing. Yes, I'm in black. Yes, there was a black maribou halo that appeared to float in mid air above my head. Yes, there were fishnets and stilettos. Yes, I confused a lot folks in the office.

The response ranged from "you look so cute" to "you look like an angel, but some of that outfit...I don't know" to "are you our guardian angel?" I must admit that scenes from Dogma flashed through my mind today.

Unfortunately, I had a wardrobe malfunction and now I have a broken wing...which adds to the entire fallen angel thing. Am currently looking for an industrial stapler to mend the damage...sigh.

Here's the FAQ:
Q: Did you make the wings?
A: No, I earned them.

Q: How does the halo stay up there?
A: Virtue.

Q: So, what did you do to become a dark angel?
A: Do you really want to know?

Yes, all questions asked today, some several times. Yes, all answers given.

What you see on the right are my Hallowe'eny treats. Witch fingers. A pal emailed me a link to them and I was revolted and intrigued at the same time. I knew I had to make them:


They are incredibly easy to make and quite tasty. I will warn you that there were two reactions: "How cool is that?!" and "Oh my gawd they look too real--I can't eat them."

Some notes:

  • The trick is to keep the dough very, very cold--next time, I'll make the fingers and then refrigerate them prior to baking.
  • For scraggly digits, roll the dough to about 0.5-1.0cm diameter--the dough does puff.
  • Polish the almonds with black food dye (I used a gel that was thinned with a bit of water).
  • The jam I used was a cranberry-raspberry, made even more...bloody...by adding some pinky-red dye. to make it look as if the fingers were severed, dip the non-nailed end into the jam (after baking). Jams with little chunks of fruit are very good for this...great effects.
  • If you want really pussy looking infections, try gooseberry or any other pale green jam.

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Kathy said...

Those look GREAT! I love the black polish, especially. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture of the witch's fingers and literally shrank into the back of my chair - oh my GOD they look terrifyingly real! We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but they look like they'd make a brilliant treat to take to a themed party!

Sara said...

Excellent fingers! I thought that was from a costume at first.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that Canada also participated in Halloween. I thought it was just an American thing.

Your fingers are positively horrific!!!

Anonymous said...

missing a wing and fallen angel: ahahaha! You are incredibly witty and talented because those fingers looks freakishly real!

jasmine said...

Hello all

Kathy -- thanks so much for the recipe! I'm thinking of getting the brain cast for next year :)

Ellie -- A lot of people shrank back...especially when I went into excruciating detail about the blood and puss...

Sara -- Thanks so much :)

JenJen -- I believe Hallowe'en is celebrated in the UK, Canada and the US. It's related to Samhain,the Celtic celebration that marks the end of the summer harvest...

Helene -- You have NO idea how many looks I got!