29 October 2006

CBBP #2:Participant round-up

When I put out the call for participants in the second Canadian Blogging By Post, I was curious to see what our wonderful bloggers would come up with. At once our theme (Our Season’s Bounty) was both local and national, conjured memories and begged originality.

Given the expanse of our great land, there were so many different things to be done with many different ingredients. Some foods presented were born of tradition, while others were inventions of abundance. Of course there were themes (and if I read things correctly, the doctor will be staying away from a number of us since apples featured in a few posts), but each recipe made was as individual as the bloggers who prepared, photographed and ate them.

So, without any further delay, here’s the participant round-up. They all made magnificent dishes and wrote wonderful posts, so please do go and visit them.

Jenny of All Things Edible decided that an extra-special Apple Sauce Bread was an excellent way to celebrate the harvest. By making her own rosy apple sauce and using dried apples, she propelled this lovely loaf’s appley goodness and made a recipe her own. Be prepared to spend a while there—lots of wonderfully delicious posts abound (including ones on ribs and ice cream…).

Kelli Ann of avoir une famille n'est pas comme un téléroman returns to CBBP and provides us with a lovely meditation on community-supported agriculture. Her recipe (The Un-recipe) was inspired from the produce basket she received that week, prepared in a simple and (heart) warming way. Her blog is just as warming.

Paige of chef-girl.net reminisces about home and the apple tree that spans her mum’s and neighbour's yards. Paige is now in Halifax where she not only has access to lots of great apples, but also lots of tart cranberries. By creating her own Cranberry Apple Crisp, she’s been able to bridge her mum’s cooking with her new life. Lots of beautiful photos compliment her wonderful dishes.

Anne-Hélène of Les Chroniques de Villeray writes an eloquent piece, describing her relationship with autumn. Her contribution to our event is a Turkish-inspired Elma saray komposto (Seraglio compote) that uses apples, raisins and orange marmalade. Anne-Hélène’s blog is a tasty space, chronicling her culinary life in la belle province.

Living in Ontario, in an area with lots and lots of farmers and several farmers’ markets, I thought the best thing I could do was to try and showcase a number of different veg that were at their peak. This Oven-Roasted Ratatouille is a no-fuss and tasty version of the traditional hearty broth.

Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice went more than a little nutty with this event*, and made something that, to her, signals autumn. One of the original CBBP founders, Ivonne will make some lucky person very happy who receives a bundle of these Vanilla-Orange Nuts in their parcel. Ivonne is an adored, favourite Cream Puff – her site is a wonderful record of her culinary journey.

(*Sorry, Dear....couldn't resist)

Sara of i like to cook let apples take her down memory lane, specifically to her mum’s delicious apple desserts. For CBBP2, she give us a new favourite, a Broiled Apple Parfait that looks so delicious, I’m sure it will be gracing a number of tables. Sara's space contains many wonderful ideas and recipes that help to keep foodbloggerdom peppy.

Brilynn of Jumbo Empanadas’ contribution is a funny and “hits close to home” (at least for me) post about making Apple Butter. Whimsically illustrated, I think this post is a must-read for anyone who’s spent any time in the kitchen. With a title like "Jumbo Empanadas," and a Cabbage Patch Doll as her icon, Brilynn’s blog is always a joy to visit.

Linda of Kayak Soup found herself with a break in her schedule, much to our benefit. And what did she do on her day off? She made two very beautiful cranberry preserves: a Cranberry-Apricot Chutney and what she calls “Plain Old Cranberry Sauce.” There’s nothing plain with what Linda produces—everyone who saw her entry for CBBP1 and all of us who read her blog know that.

Lynette of Lex Culinaria was a little sheepish about her post, and I’m not sure why. In her informative article, she lets us in on one of her autumn traditions, Brining Olives. Lynette’s site is beautifully designed, photographed and written—a must visit for anyone interested in food.

Mamma Tiff of Life Changes After Birth was our first entrant to CBBP2, setting the standard for everyone else to follow—and what a standard it was! Her Fresh Apple Cookies look so amazing, I’m sure they disappear quickly. Tiff’s space chronicles her family’s life, especially of her darling little ones, Pippa and Clara.

Ruth of Once Upon A Feast finds two fantastic ways of celebrating our theme: Pumpkin Pecan Coffee Cake and a West Indian Spicy Beef Curry. Both look wonderful and are great ways to warm up as temperatures drop. Once Upon A Feast is an incredibly inspirational space for cooks of all abilities to visit.

Sarah Lou of One Whole Clove dispels any misconceptions about what’s available at this time of year, with a hearty and warming Cream of Sweet Potato with Maple Soup. One Whole Clove is not just a foodie’s dream, but also a great site for those interested in Quebecois culture and food.

Orange Soufflé gives us a delcious and elegant recipe. Her Chestnut and Bacon Risotto with Savoy Cabbage is a hearty meal, perfect for these cool nights. A lovely blog written by a very sweet person.

Sam of sweet pleasure : plaisir sucré brings his mastery of all things sweet to his entry. The host of the first CBBP never disappoints us with his creations and this one is no different: Pâtes de Fruits, or fruit jellies. Stunning photographs combined with his down-to-earth posts makes this blog a favourite site for so many people.


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Unknown said...


Thanks for the roundup Jasmine, can't wait to get started!

kelli ann & lorie said...

well-written, Jasmine-- what a lovely bouquet of recipes!

Ruth Daniels said...

What a wonderful roundup - so beautifully written.

Thanks, too for the kind words and now for the real fun....waiting for goodies to arrive.

Anonymous said...

What a great group! I bet all these packages are going to be sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for your hard work Jasmine. We all appreciate it!

Sara said...

Great stuff Jasmine, thanks again for asking me to take part!

Anonymous said...


What can I say? Thank you for all your hard work. This event turned out beautifully!

jasmine said...

Hello all

To all the participants--Thank you so much for participating in the event!

Helene -- I agree--seeing what people made up for their themed recipe was really great. The packages should be interesting.


Sam said...


What a wonderful job! Everything looks yummy and the round-up is beautifully written. Thank you so much for organizing CBBP#2. You made the process so easy and seamless.