02 October 2006

Nigella in Toronto

Nigella Lawson was in Toronto on Friday promoting the paperback version of Feast and did a signing at the Indigo on Bloor Street...and I was there.

Of course that meant getting the okay from my most marvellous manager to change my hours so I could leave in time to get there. TFE even offered to accompany me--quite generous, given he wound up carrying my books and taking photos.

She was kind and gracious and just lovely to meet (and yes, more stunning in person than on TV). Fans lined up for hours to meet and speak with her. I could hear her give advice on food and cooking--all done with a smile. She patiently posed for photos. As she autographed my copies of How To Eat and Feast we chatted briefly about her writing process (which I think threw her...understandable since I think most of what she talked about was food-related) and imparted a bit of advice.

Such a happy girl am I.



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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! I'm glad that she was such a lovely celebrity and that you got to spend some time with her face to face :) Sigh! Forget Jamie, why can't we have Nigella visit our Australian shores!

Anonymous said...


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Sara said...

Oh lucky you! What a great photo too. I just got that book for my birthday.

Rachel said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

very cool—you met nigella lawson! and great pic of the two of you.

jasmine said...

Hello all!

I'm still rather pleased about meeting her. I just love interacting with authors.

Ellie - I hope she get to visit you soon.

Kat and Rachel - Very!

Sara - you will like cooking from Feast -- My is splattered with this and that. If you want some suggestions, let me know.

BP - Thanks. I hate being photographed. I always feel I look so dorky.


Anonymous said...

Way to go! I am such a fan of N.L.

christine said...

Oh that's just so cool! I'm glad you had this amazing opportunity.You both look great, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun for you.
She seems like she would be patient and gracious.

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous ;p u met the love of my life. lol.

she really is something special from what i have heard and also an educated, interesting individual, not to mention beautiful.

fun that you got ur pic taken with her , books signed AND had the opportunity to speak with her.

well worth the LONG wait in line, i imagine.

enjoy. not everyday that these special things happen to us.

jasmine said...

Hello all

Sara Lou -- You would have really liked her :)

Christine -- Welcome! Thanks so much for the compliment.

Peabody -- You know, she is patient. I hate it when people say "so-and-so's so *real*" so I will say she was unaffected which just added to her charm.

Burekaboy -- Welcome! I really appreciate the fact that she *is* intelligent--you can tell from her writing. The line up wasn't that bad. I think we waited about an hour, but then that's on top of the 2.5+ hours to get there. I hope you'll consider taking part in CBBP2 :)


Deetsa said...

Now I'm just green. Nigella? She's the new sun of my solar system since I just got satellite and Food Network. *pout*
But thank you for sharing. I'll just have to live vicariously through other peoples' experiences until I have the deities.