20 September 2006

To market, to market...

Not to buy a fat pig, nor anything else.

One of the things I wanted to do this week, since I'm on holidays, is visit the local farmers markets. I'm lucky in that there are at least two within my county, with three market days between them. Today I dragged myself out of bed to get to one of them. I don't know why it was such an onerous task, leaving my nice, warm and comfy bed to go into the cold and the wet of the outside. Oh wait, I think I just answered my question.

I must admit that I really wasn't looking forward to the market. The few times per year that I go (normally on Saturdays) I've noticed a definite upswing in the number of re-sellers (you know, the middle men who buy produce from the Ontario Food Terminal and then sell them to grocery stores), and a decrease in the number of 'real' farmers at the market. Given it's the middle men who seem to dominate the tables, and their prices aren't that much better than what's at my grocery store, I don't see the point of buying much there.

There weren't that many vendors--it's late in the season, I know-- but of the dozen or so who were there, I'd guess that only two, possibly three, were re-sellers. Since it wasn't busy, I was able to talk to the growers--the cheerful lady with the table of end-of-season berries and the most gorgeous cauliflower, the quiet farmer who makes his own summer sausage (mmmmm) and brought in a bushel of his finger potatoes, the nice young Mennonite who had some peppers, as well, the gregarious fruit grower from St. Catherines who had HUGE baskets of really ripe peaches and lovely plums, grapes and pears.... They were all really friendly (well, except two of resellers...they had nasty attitude...the possible third was really sweet) and let me take pictures of their wares.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the other market. Now that's a REAL farmers' market--they still do livestock auctions there--and a bunch of the local farmers show up with their veg, baking and preserves for sale. If I get out there, I'll be taking my camera...and posting about it.

Here are some pictures--I know, I got shutter happy, but things looked so good...



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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. It is bittersweet as Fall creeps in. I love the crisp air and the fresh fall colors and flavors. It is also a sign that spring, summer and early fall abundance is soon to vanish only to return with great anticipation in another few months.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful. Especially the peaches! Gosh I love those. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures!

Sara said...

Totally gorgeous pictures Jasmine. I'm getting so sad that the markets are winding down...I didn't even make it to Millarville this weekend.

Anonymous said...

nah, you can never get too shutter happy.

love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Such photos! Food porn!


jasmine said...

Hello All

Ashley - Welcome! Autumn is a wonderful season. In a few weeks the leaves wills turn properly and the country roads will be such beautiful scenery.

VC and Phoenikia- Thanks! I think because there were so few people around, I was able to take my time with the shots and get some really nice ones.

Sara - I've been on the Foodland Ontario site (I'm sure Alberta has a similar one) and we have a few more weeks of good produce before the improrts start infiltrating the markets.

Blue Plate - Thanks. I feel the same way, but then get very embarrassed when I bring out the images :)

Bob - Welcome and thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine - all of your photos are beautiful and lovingly captured, I so wish I could get these wonderful produce in my local area, they look amazing. Looking forward to seeing more of gorgeous pictures soon ;)

jasmine said...

Hi Keiko

Thank you so much for your kind words :)