28 September 2006

Feast: September Celebrations Part Three

I looked at the calendar today -- my birthday was how many days away? With everything going on, I never did finish all my feasting posts.

I was going to split my birthday feeding frenzy into two posts, but given there are only a few days left to the month, I thought I'd post the actual birthday festivities in one post.

My very sweet and wonderful friend and I usually take one another out for lunch on our birthdays. We went to a fabulous restaurant, prior to pampering ourselves at the spa.

From Left to Right:
top row:
cheese fritters (Brie, Cambozola and Chevre with marinated veg and a sweet red pepper dip); the soup du jour (sorry, can't remember); beef wraps with slaw.

middle row: seared tuna in nori and tempura; tempura veg; frozen mousse.
bottom row: Chocolate attitude (how aptly named!)--choccie pate, sorbet & brownie.

Then, of course, an afternoon of massage, manicures and pedicures. For those of you who are interested, my toenail colour is "Drama Queen" (yes, a number of people have commented on the appropriateness of that name--and colour).

Afterwards, my darling TFE took me to a really nice restaurant that prides itself on its seasonal menu. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos. It was getting dark and I hate using the flash in a restaurant.

From Left to Right:
top row: my G&T, sweet potato bread, brie and mushrooms in phyllo with cranberry chutney.
middle row: apple & rosehip sorbet, steak and mushrooms, beef tenderloin with sweet potato brulee.
bottom row: molten chocolate babycakes with white chocolate ice cream.


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Anonymous said...

You take such nice pictures! Even the ones which you apologize for the quality of [*] are better than the ones I take and consider pretty good.

When I try to click on them for what I expect to be an enlargement, I'm re-directed to a Yahoo login site. Is that intentional? It would be great if your originals were available publicly. And yes, I do know about your misadventures with non-attribution.


[*] I get it from Winston.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Love all the foodie adventures you have been having. I am also self-conscious about using my flash in dimly lit restaurants. If possible, I try to sit on the side of the table that has lighting overhead. Take care and enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Love your toenail color!

Happy Birthday feeding frenzy! I'm salivating over the pictures :)

Deetsa said...

Soooo.... you're a libra then??

*sigh* Again, your pictures look so dang good! I will take a bit of everything please!

Brilynn said...

Sounds like a couple of lovely meals!

Saltyknees said...

uhmmmm Happy Belated Birthday ??


Anonymous said...

Now that's a birthday.

Anonymous said...

both chocolate deserts look incredible—i'm swooning.

: ) blue plate

Lis said...

Both "food frenzies" look wonderful! I'm happy to hear you had a great birthday!!

Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to celebrate in style! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Did you say when your birthday was exactly? I'm not sure if I missed something.

May all your dreams continue to come true!

Big hug,

jasmine said...

Hello all

Bob - Welcome! Thanks for the kind words about the photos. Yes, I have them locked. The thing was...a certain company scalped both photos and articles from me to boost *their* sales, without giving me proper attribution or remuneration. Things are just easier this way...Love the Winstonism--adore you for knowing about it.

Kat -- Thank you! I know others don't mind using the flash, but...it just seems rude to me.

VC - Thanks! I've been very lucky with my celebratory meals this year.

Nerissa -- Nope. Virgo. I'm late in posting all the foodieness this month.

Brylinn -- Part of me wants to say "if only a couple" but there were many good meals this month.

Chris -- Thank you. Yes, the Feast Day of Cardamom Addicts and Sensual Gourmets has passed. We will allow a certain period of recouperation prior to planning for next year.

Peabody -- I must admit that I am very lucky to have friends who are willing to have fun with me in such a way. None of them are counting carbs or cutting calories, so it's always joy and merriment...

BP -- I had SO MUCH CHOCOLATE this month. I'm not complaining...

Lis -- Thanks. Yes, all went well...Edna's death was a bit of sadness in the midst of things, but she was a great foodie who loved to eat, so I know she was there with me :)

Paz, my dear -- Thank you so much! I have never revealed my birthdate on this site. I will say that it is in September and it makes me a Virgo...in other words, it passed a week or two ago. With everyhing else going on, I couldn't get to these last posts before now.