17 September 2006

Feast: September Celebrations Part Two

The eating continues...this time, it's the pre-birthday supper.

My wonderful exbf took me out for sushi...and ice cream. Yummy yummy yummy.

From left to right:
Top row: miso soup with nori, tofu and spring onion greens, gyoza, and tuna and spring onion rolls
Bottom row: spicy tuna rolls, tempura shrimp with avacado, and California rolls

and two of my favouite pictures from the sushi place

Left: tempura shrimp tails
Right: melon slice.

And one of the tastier ways of mixing ice cream and cake together: birthday cake flavoured ice cream...no, we didn't get it from the sushi place...


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Anonymous said...

What a way to kick off the celebrations! If your pre-birthday dinner looks that good, I can only imagine how good the following dinners will be!

Anonymous said...

What a nice celebration! I miss California rolls, they don't serve it here in Japan :(

Alice Q. Foodie said...

My two favorite foods! Happy Birthday!

jasmine said...

Hello all

Ellie: Well...the photos for my birthday supper are rather dark. I'm thinking of just posting squares of black!

Kat: I'd be disappointed to find California rolls in Japan. I just saw a TV segment on the guy who invented them. I particularly like the variations...

Alice: Thanks! It's hard to beat sushi and ice cream :)