07 September 2006

Feast: September Celebrations Part One

September is an unimaginably celebratory month for me--and this year even moreso:
  • my beloved boyfriend, The Fussy Eater, and I celebrate two years together;
  • this humble little blog turns one year old;
  • Hagia, Beanie and Zeus, my adorable kitties, were all born in September, and
  • the Feast Day of Cardamom Addicts and Sensual Gourmets is celebrated with all the rites and pagentry it deserves...well, not really, there could always be more pagentry(yes, my birthday is coming up)
And you thought that truffle was the only bit of wondrous decadence I'd be posting about this month...

To get ready for a month of feasting, TFE and I had a wonderful dinner at a truly fine establishment. Our meal started with some wonderful flatbreads dusted with zatar spices, followed consisted of a composed salad made with red grapefruit and avocado, followed by a pretzel-encrusted pork tenderloin served with snowpeas, corn and poached pear, with a dessert consisting of orange-cinnamon sorbet and lemon-poppyseed poundcake with blueberries. To finish off this meal, there were two of the most dreamy chocolate-mint truffles known to man.


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Anonymous said...

Omedetoo gozaimasu! (congratulations!!) Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I love long celebrations.
Beautiful start!!!
Wish I could try some of the flat bread.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have the happies of Septembers, Jasmine!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, Jasmine. Sounds like you had a nice celebration;) I'm curious about the name of the restaurant, too...

Anonymous said...

What a marveoullous feast - though I must admit that my eyes keep being drawn back to the truffles. Mmmm, chocolatey goodness! Congratulations on the many milestones this month holds for you, and I hope I can keep reading about your adventures for a long time to come :)

jasmine said...

Hello all

Kat - Thanks so much!

Tanna - That was really nice bread. They also had a cheese-curryleaf bun which was quite nice.

Sarah Lou - I've emailed you the name of the restaurant, in case you decide to make the long drive over...and if you do, you need to let me know :)

Ivonne - Thank you, my dear!

Phoenikia - Welcome! I'll send you the restaurant name--it's not in TO, so it would be a day trip for you.

Ellie -- How absolutely sweet! Thank you so much!