19 September 2006

A new project

I know, I know...two posts in one day. I'm sorry about that, but I wanted to post about this...

As you know, September has been an interesting month thus far.

One of my birthday presents was Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries. It's a very simple premise: a year in his kitchen, about how he eats (whether it be alone or cooking for a crowd), how he shops and the life cycle of his garden and his market. It's well written (of course) and filled with lots of entries about 'normal kitchen stuff.' At its heart, it's about preparing real food for real people.

As you also know, Edna, a dear person who touched my life passed away. I've been flipping through her first two cookbooks, hearing her voice narrate the pages. It's all good, home cooking; food that sustains and keeps us safe. It again, is about preparing real food for real people.

Both of these things got me to thinking about forraging for my daily meals, what I eat and how I come to eat what I do. The idea of writing my own version of The Kitchen Diaries intrigued me. Please get this straight, I'm not a diarist by nature--I absolutely hated those writing exerises in primary school...and secondary school, but there's something about recording a record of my normal, everyday kitchen has definitely tickled my fancy.

Please be aware that I am NOT giving up Confessions of a Cardamom Addict. This space is too much fun--I love writing and researching. Cardamom Addict appeals to the creative side in me, and I will keep on with this blog.

Sensual Gourmet is a record of the banalities, tagedies and triumphs of my home kitchen. I'm hoping to keep entries relatively short, but reflective of my culinary mood that day. Any recipes posted will be thoughts and ideas, filled with pinches of this, handfuls of that and cook until done. I proabably won't fuss with the camera in hopes of getting the perfect (or even a passable picture). In short, it will be about how I really cook when I'm not in the midst of developing recipes or experimenting with new foods or testing something out.

If anything, Cardamom Addict and Sensual Gourmet will work together in tandem, providing a better "total picture" of the playground that is my kitchen...

I hope you will bookmark that site and visit me there from time to time.

Oh, and why "Sensual Gourmet?" I'll answer that one later :).


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Anonymous said...

I have that book on my Amazon wish list! Good luck with the new site :)

Anonymous said...

I often wonder about the content of the food blogs out there - how on earth can these busy people make such perfect looking dishes one after the other when I barely have time to scratch in my flour a few times a week. I think that this is a fantastic idea, and I look forward to watching you document a whole new side of your kitchen adventures :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new endeavour.

Anonymous said...


I'm thrilled to finally see the official launch of the Sensual Gourmet. Of course I will be there every step of the way with you!

jasmine said...

Hello all

Kat - It's a good book, well written and filled with ideas and recipes.

Ellie - Thanks! I know what you mean--as I wrote, the two sites will work in tandem. Cardamom Addict will continue with what I'm playing with (including researching and learning about), while Sensual Gourmet records the normal ins and outs of my kitchen...and probably expose how often I eat out ;)

Peabody -- Thanks! Hope you'll check in to see what messes I get myself into :)