23 April 2006

Daily Planet's Edible Mindbender - Answers

The other week I posted the questions to Daily Planet's Edible Mindbender--here are the answers:

1. By weight, how much cereal does the average Canadian eat annually?
The equivalent of a WBA welterweight boxer (56.6kg)

2. What does craving meatloaf and mashed potatoes say about you?
You're a straight shooter.

3. How much were people willing to pay for a stale brownie that was gussied up by being plated on a nice dish and dusted with icing sugar?

So now you know....


Timmys count:

Before the nonsense: 44 cups; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut
Now: 41 cups, 7 free coffees


Heather said...

I guess I am a straight shooter today as I can't wait to eat my meatloaf and potatoes tonight for dinner.
Thank you for sharing those answers as I was dying to know what that craving meant.
I hope your ankle is feeling better!

Journal Actif said...

I had it all wrong! 56 kg cereals! Well, if I look at how my sweet half eats cereals (whenever he's hungry or cold or bored or whatever uncomfortable kind of mood), I shouldn't be suprised by this incredibly high figure.

jasmine said...

Hi Heather -- mmmm...meatloaf.

Zoubida -- I tried to figure out what a ballpark cost would be for that much cereal. I stopped eating cereal years ago --far too expensive...

Well...if I had entered, I would have been in the draw for the prize. Oh well...