04 April 2006

Feast: Bloggy Brunch

After being guests at each other's blogs for months, Tania (the delightfully creative force behind The Candied Quince) and I finally found the opportunity to meet face-to-face this past Sunday.

I was in Toronto to see
The Innocent Eye Test at The Royal Alex and thought it would be a great opportunity to organize a different type of foodblogger event-- a RL one to meet some of the food bloggers I enjoy reading. Raincheques were issued: Raspberry Sour had a last-minute opportunity she couldn't turn down and Ivonne had a hot brunch date (as I told her, a date with a younger man always trumps a nattering brunch); we'll all meet up at some point, I'm sure.

The venue was one of my favourite Toronto foodspots:
Over Easy--wonderful juices, amazing eggy dishes, pancakes, waffles and everything else breakfasty. During the whole drive down I debated what my meal would be...the full English or the eggs Florentine--it's my usual mental battle when I'm dining there...

For those of you who've never met her in RL, Tania is so warm and lovely -- when she came to the table she said "I just want to give you a hug, I feel I know you so well."

We laughed and talked for two hours--I'm sure we'd still be there if I hadn't looked at my watch (yeah, I was running late and was in danger of missing the show). Conversation centred around a few unsurprising topics: food, writing, blogging. We also talked about our plans and directions--but I won't spill the beans...at least not yet.

I truly hope we'll be able to meet up again and bring more foodbloggers to the table.

And, of course, I brought the camera--here's what we had (from top to bottom): eggs Florentine with homefries, fried mushrooms, blueberry pancakes and sausages. Yummy yummy yummy.



Timmys count temporarily suspended.


Anonymous said...

D'oh! Those pictures got me! They really got me!

I'm so sorry I missed the incredible brunch ... and the AMAZING food.

But as you mentioned ... I did have quite the hot date with a younger man ... mind you he fell asleep partway through and ended up leaving with his parents so that they could go home and feed him. But what can I say ... younger guys are such babes!

Thanks for the maple candies!!!

Anonymous said...

It was so very nice to finally meet, and over such delicious food, too! Again, thank you for suggesting this bloggers' brunch ... it was such a lovely way to start the week. We simply must do this again.

Delicious photos, J! Oh, those pancakes ... I can't believe I ate so many ... and the sausages, too ... Mmmm!

little pomelo said...

the brunch looks lovely :)
It's nice to have a chance to meet other bloggers in real life like that :)

jasmine said...

Hello all

Ivonne--glad you liked the maple candies. You MUST join us next time :)

Tania -- it was great meeting you--you are too much fun :)

BNA--Welcome! I'm an infrequent visitor to you blog--I love the title :)

Strawberry: You'll be invited to the next one:)


K and S said...

brunches are always fun!! especially with new friends.