18 April 2006

Cooking by Proxy: Pizza

One of the things I miss doing is pizza-making--Pretty much every Sunday I bring out the flour, add a frothy head of yeast bloomed in sugar water, a pinch of salt and some eggs, pound the living daylights out of it, add some toppings and bake.


Needless to say, I really can't do it right now. I tried doing some dishes but I couldn't get more than a few dishes and some glasses done.

So, how's a gal to satisfy a craving for home-made pizza?

Cooking by proxy.

The exbf never made pizza from scratch before--he's one of the many who'd prefer to call a 310-number or go to the grocery store and get some pre-packaged freezered offering.

Making pizza is quite easy--yes, it takes some forethought, but it really is quite easy to do. Make the dough, put stuff on it, bake it. Ta-da!

It was quite good -- tomato sauce, salami, various veg (mushrooms, onions peppers, olives) and lots and lot of cheese.

He still prefers to call up a delivery service--not because of the effort, but because of the tactile stickiness of the dough. I didn't know this before, but he really doesn't like the feeling of raw dough. Oh well, you can't convert everyone. I honestly don't believe he will willingly make one again...without my prodding.

Hmm...I feel a pizza craving coming on...


Timmys count:
Before the nonsense: 44 cups; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut
Now: 40 cups, 7 free coffees


Anonymous said...

A woman after my own heart! Sundays just scream homemade pizza ... I hope your feet feels much better very soon so you can get back to making it!

Journal Actif said...

Homemade pizza is "ZE" thing. This man is a jewel, he made it and it looks yummy!

Elizabeth said...

Oh the tragedy of it all!! I've just discovered your blog (thank you for commenting in mine) and haven't yet seen why you have to cook by proxy.

But this phrase, "He really doesn't like the feeling of raw dough", is so sad! Because homemade pizza is so superior to storebought - especially the crust... and the sauce... and the toppings... not to mention the difference in price!

I do hope you will be able to successfully prod him again when you need your next pizza fix.


Mindy T. said...

Yes, homemade everything is far and away the best way to go. But I just wrote a 15-minute vegetarian cookbook and had to make pizzas really fast, so I tested and tasted a bunch of readymade crusts and found that Alvarado Street is pretty good.

I recently blogged about a pear and bleu cheese and caramelized leeks pizza using said crust, and those who tasted it were happy with it (including me). Someday I will make a fresh crust to take the recipe over the top....

Thanks for a great food blog. I'll be back! (to quote my action-movie-star-turned-California-governor)


jasmine said...

Hello all :)

Ivonne -- It's always a bit of a ritual for me: a good kitchen clean and then start on the dough...it just feels right...unlike the foot...still swollen.

Zoubida -- Oui, il est tres gentil :)

Elizabeth and Mindy -- Welcome! I agree with you...but it is the tactile thing...he's got a few other bugs about textures, but that's okay. He *does* taste the difference between the stuff from stores and home-made...and prefers the home-made...just made by someone else :)