08 April 2006

Squeamish eyes need not spy....

...upon this photo.

Thanks to those who posted and emailed me notes of cheer and concern--it's very sweet of all of you. The photo was taken a couple of days after my fall. The bruising on the other side isn't as strong, but the aches are still there, as are what I call "secondary owies"--my calf, my wrist and hand--probably how I landed.

The nagging pain that emanates from my right ankle drains my energy. I tend not to take painkillers during the day because they knock me out (we're talking regular strength Advil, nothing stronger)...not a good thing when trying to be a productive human being.

I do my best to stay off of it. I did well on Thursday, but was in more pain on Friday. The swelling subsides daily, but I know I won't be able to wear my "fun" shoes until the summer...my strappy red heels, my black peek-a-boo open toed stillettos...not even the more sensible ankle boots nor perfect (and I mean *perfect*) navy blue pumps. Yes, I am very girlie when it comes to matters of footwear.

On the bright side--I am now officially between classes! My final assignment of term is a mere memory. I have no idea how it will be received as much of it was drafted while in a woozy state. I have three weeks "off" until the next class starts...

Did I mention the treats?

I've also been the very happy recipient of convalescent treats :)

The piccie on top is of the contents of a sacful of treats from my favourite chocolatrie...below is the "sugar bomb"-- the sweetest and creamiest eclair I've eaten in ages.


Timmys count temporarily suspended.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jasmine ... Your poor foot! Judging from your sweet convalescent treats, though, it looks like you are being properly pampered, and that's good. Now if only the choccies and eclair could speed your recovery!

I so feel your pain about not being able to wear fun shoes, though. Ever since developing my plantar fasciitis, I've been stuck in sneakers. Ugh. What I wouldn't do to trade in my Sauconys for sandals!! Chin up ... We'll get better together!

Fiber said...

Wow - soorry about your foot. Looks rather painful.
Of course, those treats had to help. That chocolate looks absolutely fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Continue to feel better, heal, relax, and enjoy those treats!


Journal Actif said...

Ouch! Sorry you hurt yourself Jasmine. Can I come read for you or keep you company or something? I mean, you can't possibly eat all those gorgeous chocolates all by yourself. You know it's like wine do you... it tastes better with company... ;-))

Koshka42 said...

I got my cane from a guy in Grimsby, he's known as Wooden You Know - hand-turned walnut...

jasmine said...

Hello all :)

Tania: I am absolutely convinced that chocolate speeds healing...I think the reason I haven't healed up yet is because I don't have enough chocolate.

Fiber: Welcome back:) The chocolate was wonderful (tee hee).

Paz: Thanks so much! Don't worry--I am enjoying the treats.

Zoubida: How kind! I'd have to arrange for another batch of choccies to appear...and not disappear so quickly :)

Koshka!!! Thanks for the tip--everything I've seen thus far has been, well, dull... I'll look them up and see what I can get.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! If you were here I'd give you a big huge hug and tell your foot/ankle to get better very soon because we need Jasmine back on her feet!

jasmine said...

Thanks Ivonne

You are very sweet :)