01 March 2006

Cursed blueberries and blood oranges

I love eating pancakes for supper.

Since I had too many other things to do, the only part of Pancake Tuesday supper made was (what else) pancakes. No bacon. No sausages. No scrambled eggs. No fried mushrooms. Jut a plate of yummy, fluffy pancakes. Pancakes with cursed blueberries.

Don't get me wrong--I really, really like the juicey blue orbs, but I seem to have picked up a cursed container of frozen blueberries.

The first time I dug into the tub, visions of tender-crumbed muffins danced in my head...in reality, I wound up with light but hollow little cakes--hollow like a Yorkshire pud. The second time I dug into the tub, I was baking a banana-blueberry loaf...umm...I wound up baking a banana-blueberry brick. This time (the last time I'll delve into the container because there aren't any more berries) the batter turned to glue--yummy glue, but glue nonetheless. When cooked they were fine, but getting them cooked was a bit of an ordeal. I've made these pancakes for a few years and have never had a problem before...it must have been the berries.

So I have all these weird pancakes, but no syrup...well, that's not quite true. I have some maple syrup, but not alot --enough to flavor some whipped cream or some icing, but not enough for a a couple of servings of pancakes.

Enter the blood oranges I picked up the other day. I haven't had them in a while and wanted to experiment...so I did what any good little foodblogger would do and juiced them, added some water and sugar an then boiled it down to a thick syrup.

It worked really well--a nice sweet, orangey, flowery, sticky syrup, poured over some hot, buttered pancakes. There's only one word to describe it: yum.


Timmys count: 7 cups; 0 prizes


Culinarily Obsessed said...

aww yaaay I'm so glad to see someone did Pancake Tuesday!! I so wanted to make pancakes, but yesterday was just, well yesterday was yesterday - I don't want to relive it..I'll leave it at that lol

But I didn't get to make pancakes =(

Dakota House said...

Your site is beautiful. I lingered here a while.

Rachel said...

those sound yummy!

Anonymous said...

Cursed or not, that is one gorgeous photo. I like the sound of the blood orange syrup ... Glad your oranges weren't cursed!

Anonymous said...

oh my. beautiful photo and my head is spinning imaging the taste of the blood orange syrup!