17 March 2006

Oh Timmy, my Timmy

apologies--I wanted to fix something after-the-fact, but Blogger was down for several hours (didn't realize until about 30 minutes into the session which included test posts and deletions). Here's the fixed post:

Why have you forsaken me?

I had a few readers draw my attention to this article on cbc.ca .

And here I thought I was just being unlucky...as were my friends and colleagues...and everyone else I spoke with in Ontario.

But we weren't unlucky. We are victims of being in a comparatively densely-populated area where there really isn't any doughnut competition (yeah, I have a Coffee Time around the corner, but the only people who frequent it are the *most interesting sort*). And because we have enough of a population to support a Tims at every other corner, we don't get the same odds as someone in Quebec or British Columbia who's playing Rrroll up the rim.

Harrumph...this is so like the political debates we endure (EEE Senate, equalization payments, have-provinces vs. have-nots).

But this is more important than that. It's about spoiling coffees of every Ontarian in this part of the province who plays the game.

Some of us honestly believed we had a one in nine shot of winning something--if you've been following my counts, at times its nowhere close. Personally, I'm happy winning coffees and doughnuts--the RAV would be fine, but I'm not that greedy...but, gosh darnit...when the odds of winning the lotto are mentioned in conjunction with getting the car (in this neck of the woods)...it's well...disheartening.

Then when you add the goings ons at my usual Tims -- charging certain people extra for a cup with a playing piece (they've been caught and have been stopped--in Ontario it's illegal to make people pay for a contest piece--it turns it into a lottery) and and now when someone brings in their own cup, they are given a medium cup as their playing piece regardless of the size they actually bought (med, large, x-large). Why? They told us they were under orders to because the mediums (small in the US) have the lowest chance of winning anything.

I've emailed Tim's CSRs about the situation and am waiting for a reply. Here's the addy to send complaint about the way Tim Hortons has manipulated prize distribution: customer_service@timhortons.com.

I am really put off of this year's contest. It used to be fun...yes...I know, it used to be fun when I was winning things...and when my friends are winning things...and not reading how people in areas that have higher odds of winning things are throwing out grand-prize winning cups. Here's a tip...if you don't want to play, ask for the coffee in a normal cup and let someone else who wants to try their luck get a player cup...

I added an extra cup to my work day as part of the fun. As of today, I'm back to my normal two cups a day during work days and one cup on the weekend. The change isn't much, by TDL standards (EVIL TDL), but it's the equivalent of losing one hour's pay for a part-timer at Tim's every week.

I'm sure Tim Horton is rolling in his grave.


Timmys count:
Before the nonsense: 44 cups; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut
Now: 2 cups, 0 winnings

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