27 March 2006

The penguin made me buy it

I am a mark for marketers.

I am a sucker for SWAG.

The other week I went into the LCBO, looking for some Guinness for the
half-pint cupcakes and a steak and mushroom stew (recipe to be posted later) when my eyes were spied by another set of eyes.

A poor Little Penguin in bondage.

I've had a thing for the flightless birds since I saw
March of the Penguins. And, according to The Fussy Eater, I am part penguin (pronounced peng-oo-in)--when I waddle in the snow in my tangerine coat, my little wings sort of bounce along side of me (I, of course, deny this)...plus...sometimes it's just easier to slide off a chesterfield than to get up and step away (this I don't deny because it simply makes sense).

Anyway...I couldn't just leave the poor little thing in the store...so I bought a bottle...I am my own Penguin Liberation Front. I'd buy them all if I could...and release the little spongy, penguiny dollies into the wild...or at least my kitchen.

Now the thing is, I know absolutely nothing about wine...so I know nothing about this bottle...if it's perfect or plonk...or perfect plonk. The cashier told me that a lot of people purchased a bottle because of the doll...and not to worry it's a very drinkable wine. Yeah, I'll believe her.

I just think the penguin is just so cute.


Timmys count:
Before the nonsense: 44 cups; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut
Now: 18 cups, 3 free coffees


Fiber said...

I love the penguin. And I too, am a whore for free swag!

Heather said...

Free the penguins. I would have had to do the same!!

Anonymous said...

I love penguins too - so noble & stoic appearing! But, I must say that March of the Penguins was the most depressing movie I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic film, and I want one of those (I mean, the one in bondage)!

How was the wine? :)

Anonymous said...

That film made me cry! I love the little treasure you found at the LCBO!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Poor little penguin all tied up. The penguin is cute.

I haven't seen the movie yet.


jasmine said...

Hello all!

Hi Fiber (oops...no pun in tended :) )Welcome! Isn't it sad the power we allow marketers?

Hi Rorie -- I nearly flipped when I found out that emperor penguins can be four feet tall. That's almosty my height! Nice to know I tower over them (5'1").

Hi Heather and Keiko: I haven't been back to the LCBO, so I don't know if there are any left...it was just so sad seeing them all there...sigh.

Hi Ivonne: I know. I got teary too. Developed a great appreciation for them.

Hi Paz: See the movie. It's really well done--avoid the original French though (I'm told it doesn't have the same feel as the English)--besides, you get to hear Morgan Freeman's voice :)