02 March 2006

Canadian Caramilk eggs recalled

Cadbury Adams, home to the Cadbury Easter Bunny, announced a voluntary recall of some of their very popular chocolate eggs because they may contain pieces of hard plastic.

Specifically, these are the effected eggs (all 39g weight):

Caramilk UPC 0 615712 4
Caramilk Maple UPC 0 615882 2
Caramilk Café UPC 0 615892 9
3 Eggs Caramilk (3 x 39g) UPC 0 61200 05431 6
6 Eggs Multi pack (6 x 39g) UPC 0 61200 00581 3
12 Eggs Multi pack (12 x 39g) UPC 0 61200 21134 4

According to this
Toronto Star article, the problem is some of the plastic used to mould the egg chipped and got into the candy. Here's a link to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency release.

Hopefully things will be sorted out soon and no one will get hurt.



Timmys count: 10 coffees; 1 free coffee


little pomelo said...

Thank you for commenting my banner :)
Thanks for sharing the news and..
Yipee to the comeback of Rrroll up the Rim! Their marketing actually is really good for this one because a non-regular like me (since I have lotsa a boxes of variety of teabags at home) is encouraged to buy tea (no coffee for me).
I also tried their new donut, lemon crinkle, and now I think it's their best donut!

jasmine said...

Hi Strawberry

Not a problem. I too like their lemon crinkle, but the chocolate mint one is my favourite :)