27 February 2006

Increasing my Timmys intake

Some people look for a crocus.

Some people wait for
Wiarton Willie.

Others wait for maple syrup festivals.

But I know the true first sign pointing to the end of a Canadian winter.

Wee hee! It's back--
Tim Horton's Rrroll Up the Rim to Win--that special time of year when I trebel my caffeine intake so I can get, what else? MORE COFFEE!...Oh yeah, there are doughnuts and biscuits and muffins along with other things like a barbeque, $1000 and a SUV, but it's the free coffee that keeps me going.

Tee hee--okay, so far I've not won anything this year with my three coffees (it's early--only the first day), but maybe I'll win something tomorrow :) and yes, I know I could do the decaf thing (WHY?) or I could get their tea (but not their steeped tea--that stuff is just WRONG, I don't care how much they spent to convince me that an xth-generation tea master told them that *that* was how tea was supposed to taste--I'm not the only one who has a problem with it, there's an online petition), but if I'm doing a winter drink, it has to be their coffee..hmm...I wonder if I can get a cup if I buy and iced cap--must ask the gals at my office Tims about that...oh..and if I did win the Toyota SUV (as environmentally unfriendly as it is), I'd take it (and probably sell it for something a bit better on gas)...unlike the Aztek they offered a few years ago--that was like a LeMans on steroids and twice as ugly...

Ummm...why are my hands shaking like this?



Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Jasmine! I hope your shakes stop long enough for you to rrroll up a rrrim! And yes, the Aztek was truly hideous; talk about a car/van/truck (not sure what it was) that looks like it was put together through consensus by a committee. Ewww.

Anonymous said...


I'm with you all the way! I shall be rrrolling rrrims until the cow's come home.

It's funny because today I was having a conversation with someone about whether or not people actually win all those prizes ... hmmm ... true contest or marketing ploy???

Oh well ... good luck!

jasmine said...

Hi Tania --I always feel sorry for people when I see them in Azteks in RL...I figure they won them or something.

Ivonne: A little from Column A, a little from Column B. It's a great marketing ploy. I heard that someone at my office won one of the larger prizes last year.