25 February 2006


It happens at the same times each year--I get too busy (work, school, life) and I desperately need to retreat to a comfy chair with a newspaper, a good cd and a hot cup of tea.

Tea is my restorative. It takes me away from everything else and lets me decompress and become more like me.

But all too soon life screams blessed murder at me and I have to tend to things, people and the more than occasional fire.

Monkey Gland posted a great piece about tea this week, which was the catalyst for my very short post. At some point I'll return to the subject of tea, but until then, I'll just finish my mug and get on to the next fire.



Erin said...

Thanks to you, I've added yet another blog to my reading list. I too love tea, it's a great way to start, end, or just pause during the day.

I think I'll have a cup before bed.

jasmine said...

Hi Mochene

RE: adding to your reading list -- hee :)

Glad to find another tea drinker :)