06 February 2006

From my desk journal...

I've got a two-page/day desk journal filled with New Yorker Magazine cartoons and funny newspaper snippets. The latter is usually in the form of misused words, grammatical errors and typos.

This is today's entry: a recipe from The Times; the italicized bit is the calendar editor's comment:

Hollow out inside of tomatoes--sprinkle with salt and invert on toes.
--then wiggle them!



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Michael said...

You are truely beautiful. How can I think of you without thinking of your red mug now? OK, now tell me more about vanilla. Speak softly...

jasmine said...

Yeah, I thought it was cute.

So Michael -- when are we going to relive our mad, passionate breakfast? It's been at least a year I think. And as for vanilla, I'll have to tease you a bit longer, m'dear :) Great that you're back in the country :)