12 February 2006

Prepping for Tuesday

I've been in a baking and cooking frenzy for the past couple of days--not an easy thing to do when in the midst of a series of cluster headaches -- I'm sure the fine dusting of sugar all over everything isn't helping much (sugar can be a trigger for me).

Anyway, all of this is for Valentine's Day. Those of you who know me well are probably wondering if the painkillers have gotten to me.

I'm usually pretty cynical about this Hallmark holiday.

It probably stems from the couple of years I spent working in a stationary store in secondary school: big foofy hearts and people trying to convince their mates once a year about how loved/appreciated/lusted after they are. I come from the school of thought that if you are in a relationship, you should show your love/appreciation/lust more than on the 14th of February...I don't know, I'm just funny that way.

The other thing is I have spent most of my dating career without someone on Valentine's Day. All those sappy love song requests on the radio, the fuzzy red hearts held by fuzzier red bears, the marked price hike in flowers just got on my nerves. Tie that to the number of people I knew who fit the scenario mentioned in the last para, and the soppiest of days was just that, soppy.

So now that The Fussy Eater and I are sharing our second hearts-and-flowers day together have my feelings changed about the day?

I've mellowed about it--I still find the songs annoying, but the part about making your sweetie feel loved (etc) all year still holds. I'm lucky: I know he loves me and truly wants to be around me all year 'round (and I feel the same way about him), so Tuesday will be special, but it won't be big production marketing departments want it to be.

With all of that said, I hope the food-related bits turn out well. I've started some of the sweets and a couple of the savouries. I've been snapping piccies of things so hopefully I'll get a good post or two out of this...

In the meantime, I'll take another painkiller and call it a night soon.


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