13 November 2005

A gal can't live on homework alone

...well, this one can't.

Decided to take a break from the latest assignment and headed into TO to meet fellow e-student Gayleen who's on a promo run out for Touch . We met up at Over Easy ...I love it there...all that eggy goodness: Eggs Benedict Florentine with the home fries and a side of fried mushrooms. Anyway, it was so nice to finally meet her--we've been in class together for about a year, but with the nature of distance ed, its kinda difficult to meet people face to face.

Spent the afternoon shopping--Bloor Street, of course: shoes and bags and books...too bad I couldn't find any shoes or bags I liked (I must have had a fever)...spent about an hour in the
Cook Book Store and bought Patricia Rain's Vanilla and an autographed copy of MarionKane's Dish. Am in a vanilla mood (no, not boring or staid, just can't get enough of the vanilla scent and taste) and also bought some oil at The Body Shop...wandered through a few other shops before ending up at Godiva's... POP ROCK TRUFFLES.

Dinner was with Jen (happy belated bday!) at
Allen's on the Danforth -- had their "famous" burger...quite nice: added blue cheese, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms and split a plate of sweet potato fries. We split the frozen chocolate eclair...happy happy happy....

It was a good day...anyway...back to the grind. Just finished the essay draft (due tomorrow...veddy dull) and found myself here:

...dedicated to all the chocoholics out there who are far too stressed and need a fix....

as always,



Anonymous said...

I can't believe you bought Patricia Rain's book. (Well I can, it's gorgeous.)

She's a friend of mine here in Santa Cruz. She's going to be blogging for me at some point, since she's trying to help vanilla growers to survive against the VERY evil agribusiness of artificial vanilla flavoring, which has creeped into more things in your grocery store than you can imagine.

They're not really "vanilla farmers," but they're farmers to me.

My single favorite truffle in the world is a Tahitian Vanilla one made by Donnelly Chocolates, also here in Santa Cruz.

I am usually so much more into the savory. But dark chocolate and vanilla...ah, that's the ticket.

jasmine said...

Hi Tana--thanks for visiting :)

Yes, I can believe all that about fake vanilla--it has this disgusting aftertaste which puts me off. The only thing I can think of is perhaps the "vanilla craze" has died down (I no longer see as many vanilla-scented products in the stores) and things may return to something a bit more appropriate.

There's a local specialty store that sells some nice stuff, but they are inconsistant with their stock so sometimes I can't get the one I feel I need...just forces me to try others manufacturers, which isn't a bad thing.

At some point I will email you back re: your other note. Just swamped with work and school and family and non-family and all the other things around here.