27 November 2005

Revisiting our daily feed

This summer the Globe and Mail ran an article about Health Canada's latest Food Guide revision. Since then, I've been checking, from time to time, to see what's been added, what's been dropped, which lobbyists won and which ones lost.

So far it looks as if they are still working on it, and are now asking us commonfolk for our thoughts on the new guide--graphics, some bits on content, food groups, special needs etc. I took the longer survey, rather than the shorter one--not sure what will become of it, but if you are Canadian and want your say, you can visit this
link and take one of two surveys.

The first food guide, "the Official Food Rules," was introduced during WWII, 63 years ago. Its six foodgroups (Milk; Fruit; Vegetables; Cereals and Breads; Meat, Fish, etc.; and Eggs) acknowledged wartime food rationing, while while trying to to prevent nutritional deficiencies and improve Canadians's health . Since then the groups were downsized (rightsized? synergized? re-organized?...sounds like a corporate takeover/payroll shrinkening) to four and the types of foods recommend were changed (early versions mentiond offal), increased and decreased.

I'll probably write about it later, when the new guide is published, but until then, you can visit the Guide's History at:

Anway, if you've got the time and inclination, take the survey...

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