06 November 2005

Hmmm...Opposites attract?

Here's The Fussy Eater's ice cream personality...

You scored 55% SWEET, 48% CHUNKY, and 37% UNIQUE!
vanilla ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough

You're an oldie, but goodie...the now-classic chocolate chip cookie dough. It's sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, and has just the right amount of chunks. You make a good friend and your wild streak shows itself every now and then...enough to make things interesting. You prefer to stick with what you know, but sometimes can't help getting a little crazy.

Please notice how I exercise great restraint about commenting on "oldie" and "prefer to stick with what you know"...nope no comments here...

I still want to know what the "chunky" rating is all about...

And yes, I expect to be glared at when he realizes I've posted this :)

as always,

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