02 November 2005

McSpin Part Two

McSpin script:

Perhaps as a weird sort of penance for what they've done for world cuisine, the McCorporation announced that their North East US outlets will serve fair trade coffee, according to a
story in the Boston Herald.

They're doing this for the benefit of caffeine-addicted commuters who want good-tasting (and cheapish) coffee.

It sounds as if they just realized that their regular coffee tastes pretty gross.

And if McD's becomes known for selling slurpable coffee, grown by farmers who can afford to feed their families, people will abandon pouring their own coffee or toasting their own Eggos.

And it sounds as if they're hoping that Newman's Own Organics Blend, will bolster positive public opinion...you know, if you hang out with the cool kids, you become cool...but in this case it's if you hang out with people who are trying to do some good, you are then seen as a do-gooder, regardless of all the other stuff you do.

Did I mention that this was printed three days after the McAnnouncement about printing nutritional facts on food wrappers and four days after announcing to the world that not being able to trace more than 80 per cent of their burger meat to the individual cow would make people feel better about feeding their kids stuff that they probably shouldn't be eating in any great quantity?

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