30 November 2005

Pop Rock Truffles

Hi all

Received a message from Brian at
Candyaddict, asking about the Pop Rock truffles. I've emailed him back, but in case anyone else is wondering, here's the description:

The Godiva in question was the one on Bloor Street in Toronto. They had a sample plate of the bonbons out and, get this, they weren't for sale in the "pick and choose" case. IIRC, they were part of a box of preselected candies, and I think you only got *one* in the selection...quite unfair...I'm sorry, but I don't recall what *that* particular collection was called. I don't think it's part of Platinum, but I could be wrong.

The truffles they had out had a berry centre, into which the candies were mixed. I don't recall any distinguishable lumps, so I can only assume the candy was ground to a certain extent. They were enrobed in an ivory couverature with raspberry-red stripes. Similar fizzy truffles were also available in either milk or dark couverature (can't remember) with orange stripes. I didn't try the chocolate ones, so I don't know if they too were berry-flavoured, but The Fussy Eater had one. I just asked him if it was raspberry-flavoured or something different--he doesn't really remember but he thinks it could have been orange (which would make sense with the colours used).

Now...*I* call them Pop Rock truffles (because of the fizziness)...I'm sure if you ask the chocolatiers they'll have some swanky name for it...but all of us in the store agreed they were Pop Rocks. I quickly looked at Godiva's site when I originally posted, but couldn't find them...

I've emailed Jen to see if she can get me more info on them. If she can, I'll post it here.

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