26 July 2010

My Darling One: Three years

Three years ago today, my Dearest one died.

I'll always miss him, some days more intensely than others. There are always things that bring my mind to him: Jaws, the Spamalot soundtrack, pennies found on the ground.

It's never easy...but it gets easier...sort of.

Michael and I were very different people in many respects--most of the music I listened to was noise to him, he could easily sleep until noon or 1pm and I feel weird if I'm in bed later than 9...am, and he relaxed by way of LOUD shooty computer games, I prefered quiet, comfy couches and a book, DVD or CD.

One of our wider gulfs was food. He was very specific about what he ate: beef, chicken, pork, cheese, sometimes eggs; potatoes, rice, noodles, bread; peas, carrots, corn, mushrooms, onions; ice cream, grapes, chocolate, cake, pie; most herbs and spices.

Seriously. I think that was it.

In quantity.

My list is several orders of magnitude larger than that...but not necessarily in the same quanitities.

When I thought about today's post, my month's theme of Canadian food, and Michael...one thing came to mind. Banquet burgers.

I'm almost positive every roadhouse, regardless of country, has a burger like this.

It has everything and thensome. It's more than a two-hander--I say half is a two-hander...yup, it's a knife and fork jobby.

Like any burger, there are no hard and fast rules as to how to dress a banquet burger. Pretty much anything goes--any sort of cheese, any sort of bacon, tomatoes, onions, grilled onions, fried mushrooms, any sort of sauce, guacamole, peppers, hot peppers, pickles, olives.

And the burger pictured? Lettuce, cheddar, bacon, fried mushrooms, onions, barbecue sauce and a pickle on the side.

Michael would approve...except for the lettuce.


I'm a quill for hire!

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A tender and gracious post! I'm glad to hear you are healing. The burgers looks fabulous!

Kalyn Denny said...

Jasmine, I do remember it so well. I admire the way you have dealt with the loss; I hope the pain is lessening a bit as time goes on. Sending a hug.

colleen said...

been thinking of you all day sweet Jasmine. What a lovely post and tender tribute. Michael surely would approve of that delightful burger! The healing process takes time. You are doing well. Big luv and hugs to you xx

Pam @ best cookware reviews said...

I am new here, so sorry for your loss and 3rd anniversary. This is a very touching way of remembering your loved one. He will always live on your memories, thanks for sharing his favorite food.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

I was and am saddened by your loss but you seem to be handling it with amazing grace.

Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear said...

I understand what you are going through... my partner died and the sense of dislocation was terrible. Now though, I am happily married (very happily) and my life is very different.. I wish you happiness in the future and send a hug to get you through the day.
And apart from that - that burger looks FAB!