01 March 2007

To drive the cold winter away

I always assume if I know about any sort of storm, it either won't show up or it won't be as terrible as the weather forecasters try to make it seem.

This morning's radio show rattled off a long list of school buses that weren't running, delayed trains and schools that gave their children snow days. Quite honestly, I thought it could go one of two ways: the storm wouldn't be as voracious as the traditionally over-reactive radio personalities would want us to believe, or it would be really, really bad.

Well...the roads got bad. We were told to use our judgement about staying in the office...I made a few calls, changed my voice mail and left a couple of hours early. It's a good thing I did--my usual 15 minute drive took more than 45: trucks were slipping, people weren't able to stop safely.

More-than-ankle-deep drifts tipped into my boots with every step. I've been home for three hours and I've shovelled more than once. Snow made way for tickaticka ice pellets and soon freezing rain will appear. Winds are rattling windows and doors. Tomorrow will not be fun.

This is perfect soup weather.

I'm in the midst of trying out recipes for my next
Canada Eats cookery book review. And I found the perfect soup, in the words of Loreena McKennitt, to drive the cold winter away: bowls of broth, ladened with kale, bok choy and Asian noodles, spiked with chillies and flavoured with nam pla and honey. Served boiling hot, it's a perfect meal.


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K and S said...

this soup sounds perfect for a blustery day! glad you were able to come home safely!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Weather forecasters...what a strange lot. The more hype, the less I believe. And then there's that one out of 124 times they're hit it.
Soup sounds just about right.

Anonymous said...

That looks unbelievable, Jasmine! I wish I'd had some last night!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that.
Nice one, Jasmine

Elizabeth said...

Yes, indeed, Asian noodle soup is the ultimate comfort food! (Can you expand on "num pla"?)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful soup - it looks warming, and I like the touch with the addition of honey!

jasmine said...

Hello all

I thought I replied to you all...I guess not...

Kat: It was a horrid drive, but I was very happy to have been able to leave early.

Tanna: Sometimes I think a crystal ball will bring equally accurate results.

Ivonne: If you were here, you would have had as much as you wanted!

David: Welcome and thanks!

Elizabeth: Nam Pla is a Asian fish sauce, akin to Roman garum.

Ellie: I liked the smokier/deeper sweetness honey adds, as opposed to regular sugar.

kenna said...

the canada-eats site is down or gone (i don't know which), and i'm really interested in the recipe. is there any way you'd be willing to pass it on?