07 March 2007

Feast: Gung Hei Fat Choy! Part Two

I don't know...perhaps you can think of this and the first 2007 Chinese New Year posts as a study in opposites. Part one was from a local, but somewhat popular Chinese Restaurant, dim sum trolleys, with tasty and freshly-made food.

Part two was from one of a chain of Chinese buffet restaurants. There was some dim sum, but it tasted fatigued. The food was sort of fresh--we kept seeing steamer trays refilled, but the flavours were uninspired and the textures weren't right--the hot and sour soup was very viscous--too viscous. Of course, being a buffet (that included things like prime rib, cheesecake and sugar-free apple crisp), with items that would sit out for a certain amount of time, they had to flavour things to a common denominator. Okay--to be honest, I liked the spare ribs and the lychee ice cream. If I could get the ice cream to go, I'd be very happy. It was popular--we waited about half an hour to get in. It was also very rushed. With all the commotion of people refilling, refilling, refilling their plates, and the legion of waitstaff descending upon recently emptied tables, I found it difficult to actually sit down and enjoy my meal.

I know I shouldn't compare a stand-alone restaurant to a chain,--but I suppose it just made me really appreciate the little gems we have around here...



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K and S said...

too bad the heart of those that prepared the meal wasn't felt when eaten, it looks pretty good photographed!

Unknown said...

THose are awesome pictures!

Monika Korngut's Delicious Thoughts Blog said...

Beautiful pictures. Love your blog.

Blue Plate said...

I'm not a big fan of Chinese buffet places either, but your pictures are nice.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Lis said...

That's one of the few wonderful things regarding restaurants around here - we've got some damn good Asian restaurants that are small and family owned.. so we've got lots of areas around town that we can stop and know we'll be eating good. I love this segment on Chinese New Year.

We found ourselves in an Asian market for the very first time and it happened on Chinese New Year - the place was packed with customers and you just got the feeling of celebration when you walked in. Not to mention the lovely colors and smells and the feeling of walking into another world. We loved it!

I've enjoyed both your posts - and am glad you had a fabulous meal at the first restaurant. =)

jasmine said...

Hi all

Kat: I think that was the point: mass-produced for speed and appetising looks, but with little to back it up...hmmm...that could be said about so many...

Garrett and Monika: Welcome and thanks :)

BP: I think I'll stick to the "regular" Chinese restaurants--family-owned...you know...

Lis: One of these years I'll get to Toronto's Chinatown for their celebrations...my guess is that they are pretty spiffy.