18 March 2007

A message from Mr. Bean

Hello all you luvly humman-cats

My humman-cat has been so busy lately she hasn't had the time to talk to you. So lucky you--you get me to tell you what she's been doing -- and what she hasn't been doing...

She's been talking about sumthing called "wurk" and sumthing called "skool" a lot lately. I don't know what they are but she comes home later than normal and then spends too much time with her computter and her books and her papers and not enough time with ME. I even sprawled across her computter to make her pay attention to me and she just moved me...harrumph!...I'm so neglected. Hagia told me she tried the same thing too and all she got was a quick scritch and then back to that tapping thing she does.

She's keeps telling me that she has so many ideas to tell you about--and she started riting these things down, but she hasn't had a moment to finish anything. She knows she has anuther "Savour the Seasons" thing to tell you about and she still has those saucy sauces to tell you about too. She also has a few fotos that she likes very much. None of them are about chicken, so they aren't very interesting.

Everything has been very strange this week. I don't know what's going on. I'm being fed an hour earlier--I like that--so I guess I shouldn't complain...except that I'm not getting any chicken.

Today was quite exciting. She made this big cake that was chocklit and it was coverd in this fluffy white stuff that looked like a giant cloud. I could tell it was very sweet. She also made some ribs and something that smelled sorta like gramma's cornfritters. In fact, she called gramma in India today to find out how to make them. I got to talk to her. She was so happy to talk to me. I miss her. She feeds me chicken and scritches me and she always believes everything I say. I miss grampa too, but he doesn't feed me as much chicken as gramma does...

The humman-cat that looks after me when Jasmine isn't around -- she calls him the exbf--was over and so was that other humman-cat--you know him as TFE. I ran into Mount Catmore because I still am not sure of that TFE fellow...he cuts into my petting time. Anyway it sounded like they were having a little party. I hurd a song and that went "happee burthday to you" and it had the exbf's name in it. I came up after everyone left and you know what? NUTHING was left for me. Not one scrap of meat. HOW MEAN IS THAT? I could smell those ribs--they smelled so good...Don't you think I should have had some of those piggie ribs? I do...

She promisses she will tell you about all of this when she has a moment. She had an essay to give to her teecher today and then she has anuther one for next Sunday. Right now she's looking at me and telling me to stop so she could go to bed.

As usual...please tell her to make me some chicken (a little one will be okay for me). I will luv you even more and I promise not to sneeze on you.

Mr. Bean (aka Beanie)

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Anonymous said...


sorry to hear you're so busy, Hon. I wish I could say I wasn't myself. but projects, the kidling (Mr. Seat of his Diaper) and other issues have kept me hopping pretty agressively as well.

I hope you have time to relax a bit this weeknd.

Keep us posted!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Will you write more if I get her to leave chicken for you? That would be OK.
All those hints sound fun.

jasmine said...

Hello all

Jerry -- thanks. The last two weeks have been very heavy. I'm in a lighter week right now, so I'm hoping to get a bit more cooking and blogging done.

Tanna -- I see you've fallen under the spell of my Beanie...he's quite a greedy, if not gluttonous kitty...