01 July 2006

Happy Canada Day!

My beloved country is 139 years old today :)

And what a day we have in my part of the world -- beautiful sunshiney skies, warm and a little breezy. Tonight we're heading out to a fireworks display--lots of fun.

According to
The 2006 Priceless Index conducted by MasterCard Canada,

  • Our "most priceless Canadian drinks" were beer (56 per cent) surveyed and rye whiskey (eight per cent);
  • Our "most priceless Canadian foods" were maple syrup (19 per cent); beef/steak (11 per cent) and poutine (10 per cent). Regional favourite food breakdowns reflected foods that were "close to home": Quebec- maple syrup (35 per cent); Alberta - beef (24 per cent); B.C. - salmon (17 per cent) and Atlantic Canada - lobster (18 per cent).
In StatsCan's 2004 Food Consumption survey, Canadians, on average, annually ate:

  • 74.8 kg of fresh veggies
  • 66.8 kg of cereal
  • 51.7 kg of wheat flour
  • 37.6 kg of fresh fruits
  • 27.1 kg of red meat (all types)
  • 15.1 kg of canned or frozen veggies
  • 13.6 kg of beef
  • 13.5 kg of chicken
  • 11.6 kg of pork
  • 8.8 kg of cheese (I'm happy to say that most of it is real cheese and not those plastic-wrapped tranches of edible oil product)
  • 7.8 kg of rice
  • 156 eggs
  • 97.6 l of pop
  • 93.7 l of coffee
  • 79.9 l of tippley goodness (all types)
  • 66.4 l of tea
  • 63.2 l of milk
  • 24.9 l of fruit juice
  • 23.6 l of oils and fats
  • 13.3 l of wine
  • 6.2 l of ice cream
  • 7.4 l of spirits
  • 4.6 l of yoghurt
  • 1.9 l of table cream

Pictured above is a plate of maple syrupy goodness from the 2006 Elmira Maple Syrup Festival: maple sugar, maple candy and a butter tart...

Oh, and before I forget, The Old Foodie wrote Canada Day celebratory post about the wonders of all things mapley :)





Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Canada Day!

Anonymous said...

And a Happy Canada Day to you, my sweet friend!

K and S said...

Happy Canada Day!!


jasmine said...

Hello all

My original reply got lost in the ether...oh well.

Had an interesting day--and thanks for the well wishes :)

Just as arrived for fireworks, I was hit with the stomach bug making the rounds (bah)...something always happens at the display--usually drunken idiots are up to something. This time, they decided to sneak in some fire crackers and set them off in the crowd...right next to ME (grr)--the security guys couldn't catch them. The more serious thing that happened was the pyro guy had an oopsie and they closed the show mid-way. AFAIK, he's okay (thankfully).