03 July 2006


Look at them--all juicy sweet and mottled in colour.

We're never certain that we'll get any cherries from the tree. Between the neighbours (aka Trailer Park Boys and their street urchin offspring) and the mutant squirrels, we may not see any lovely fruit in any given year.

This year we plucked enough fruit to fill one of those 750ml Ziplock tubs, but don't count on any cherry recipes made with these.

They're all gone :)



Anonymous said...

yes that is always the problem with cherries they never last long enough!

Anonymous said...

As someone who spent the entire weekend picking cherries ... I know how you feel! And most of ours are gone as well. Is there anything more delicious than a just-picked cherry still hot from the sun?

jasmine said...

Hello both :)

Katy - Welcome! Thanks for visiting.

Ivonne - TFE's father has been in town for a few days and has been eating, on average 250g of cherries a day!