18 July 2006

Feast: Fame Becomes Me

Last month Jen and I had tickets to Martin Short's show, Fame Becomes Me. Those of us who've been watching him since his SCTV days had an...odd...trip down memory lane. The biographic show was fun and he had a great supporting cast.

Anyway, to keep with the slightly schlocky, slightly tacky showbiz theme of the show, Jen and I decided to lunch at, where else, The Hard Rock Cafe. It had been years since Jen ate there and I don't think I ever ate at the Toronto one.

We ate lots...not all of it virutous, but the chocolate cake made up for it in the end...because, well, chocolate cures all evils, right? Anway, here are the piccies--chicken-filled spring rolls, a burger with sweet potato fries, and (of course) the chocolate cake...oh, that last picture? Depeche Mode's keyboard :)



Deetsa said...

Sounds like you had fun! Martin Short is a riot! You know, I've never been to a Hard Rock Café ever!

Anonymous said...

You know I once saw Martin Short at the airport ... I was so excited and everyone was like, "Why?"

I told them you had to be Canadian to understand.

Love the cake!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, I don't know which to get lost in first, the cake or the fries! I love sweet potato fries. I really should make some.

jasmine said...

Nerissa and Ivonne: Yup, Martin Short is wonderful! I found out a little while ago that we are separated by one or two degrees--my boss's wife went to University with him!

Tanna: Welcome! I am so happy that sweet potato fries aren't as rare as they used to be. That cake was amazing...so was the burger...and the spring rolls weren't bad...but my favourite was the G&T (not pictured) ;)